Why Can’t We Open Up About Our Mental Health?

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  • Post last modified:May 18, 2021

By Sanosansar- We see our mental issues like those bruises and muscle aches that make do make a difference to us, but only trivially. We may also think that we will overcome them with passing time. So, mental issues, which we cannot see but feel is ignored because we keep lingering and holding onto it for too long.

Mental Health is ignored until it does not have a physical form or until we cannot perform our regular activities the regular way. Mental struggles are ignored even more when we can internalize them. Though it does have its highs and lows, only we know about them as we are the ones who have to get a hold of them.

We do get at times when everything is perfectly fine within us and other times we believe we are flawed forever which is far from reality. Our issues are so familiar to us that they become a part of us and it’s difficult to separate them from our personality. We accept our issues as our quirks and the weird self that we are.

Due to the fear of being judged for our thinking pattern and our way of perceiving everything to the consequences such as opportunities we might miss out on, we find it extremely difficult to open about our mental struggles. This makes us think about it to be obvious that we have to be rich and famous before we can talk about what our mental struggles are and how it has made an impact on our lives.

Eventually, all we do instead is learn about what we infer to be our mental illnesses from a ton of videos and blogs. Even after we know well the impacts of undiagnosed mental challenges can have on our mental health, we still don’t go for a check-up like we would if it were a stomach infection.

On the contrary, if you still go out seeking your truth and get help as I did, then buddy here is well-deserved applause for you and me.